It’s your life, Co-Create it.


Currently looking for two people to work with on a donation basis for intuitive coaching, and astrology.

Have you been experiencing some challenges and changes during our personal and collective call for transformation this year?

Sometimes our lives can feel confusing, intense or frustrating. What is that deeper part of yourself, your soul teaching you? 

Now is your opportunity to write your life story as your best version possible. 

I’m here to help you navigate through these uncertain changing times. That deep part within you knows the answers and is guiding you forward. You are here to be your highest expression. To find peace amongst chaos and empowerment. 

 I will look at your astrology chart, listen and utilize my holistic and spiritual background to coach you by your side as you walk your journey.

There’s only one YOU and your being and service in the world is needed.

It is my passion to help you realize your divinity and fully express your life’s work.