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Welcome to my website. I offer Astrology Natal Chart Readings and Life Coaching. I have a yoga, wellness and Counselling background.

I am passionate about empowering people on their self growth journey, through life's challenges and towards their goals.

I live in beautiful Squamish, BC with my two kids and enjoy nature and being outdoors where I live. 

I look forward to talking with and supporting you! 


about me

I use my experience to help you

I’m a 40 something mom of two young kids with a background in counselling, coaching, yoga and wellness. I studied western astrology in 2005 with a teacher and studied further in 2020 to read charts professionally. 

I LOVE looking at people’s natal charts, doing readings and incorporating it with coaching. Your chart is like your own unique fingerprint that contains a world of psychological insight into your being, your life lessons, purpose, life cycles and so much more.

My background: I trained in counselling in 2009, and added life coaching and career development in 2011. I'm a Registered Professional Counsellor and have a separate practice for Counselling. I bring a mindfulness, person centered and compassion centered approach while focusing on practical solutions with you to work towards your goals.

my approach

Astrology - My approach has a spiritual, soul driven flavour to it.

I am interested in helping you align with your higher purpose.Your inner calling.

I blend the energies of the stars while diving deep in the psychology of your nature to help guide you on your unique path.

Astrology is such a helpful tool to bring more awareness to your souls evolution, your purpose and your life lessons. 

I like to shine a light on your blind spots so you can move through them easier or with more awareness. 

I truly love to highlight your gifts to give your permission to shine!

I like to integrate my background in meditation, counselling, coaching, yoga and wellness. 

People often feel comfortable with my approachable, calm and insightful nature. 

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