About Me

I’m a 40 something mom of two young kids.

I spent my whole working life in the wellness field in different areas and studying many modalities and spiritual practices.

I ended up in massage, retrained into counselling in 2009, and added coaching and career development in 2011.

For me - Wellness - encompasses the body, mind and spirit.

Currently, I am only doing readings and coaching.

I am in the process of getting reinstated as a counsellor after being home with two kids (one who’s completed cancer treatment.)

I studied western astrology with a teacher in 2005 and have chosen to explore deeper in 2020 to do readings professionally. I LOVE looking at people’s charts and doing readings!

Christa McConachie

As Carl Jung used to use astrology in his counselling, I agree it is the perfect modality to delve deeper into the psyche. 

It offers a roadmap unique to each person. I look at it as an honour to look at someone’s unique energies and help them co-create with the Universe their purpose. 

Working in the healing field for many years, I understand that healing is a multilevel experience. 

The wise Shamans of the world know that the physical body will heal when the emotional body, mental body and energetic body are cleared and brought into balance. 

They also know, most importantly, that healing will happen when one heeds the souls’ guidance. 

The more at one we can become with our deeper wisdom, the more we can understand our dharma (our service), be free from suffering and illusion and express happiness and love in the world. We can clear our karma and fulfill our mission here.

I have gone through my share of life and career change, confusion, stress, self-imposed and limiting beliefs, challenging relationships and intense situations. 

I have sought out my own counselling and coaching and have had a spiritual coach for many years. 

I believe we are all here on our personal souls’ journey to learn and evolve, love and expand, and contribute and give. 

What is your journey and contribution?