About Me

I'm a Registered Professional Counsellor with the CPCA, Certified Life Coach and Astrologer.

I bring a counselling style of person centered, mindfulness based and compassion centered therapy with a practical solutions based approach. I like to weave in my background of yoga and meditation. My goal is to empower you to find the answers you're looking for, the tools to help you process and move through your current struggles and the practical solutions to reach your goals. 

As a 40 something mom of two young kids, one of which has gone through an intense medical journey at a young age, I've struggled with many of my own challenges. This included finding my direction in life, anxiety, stress management, major life changes and others. For me counselling, mindfulness, nature and body movement, the journey of seeking to align my life to the still small voice within and to follow my spark of joy have helped me work through much of my own mental and emotional challenges. I bring much of my own insight from experience and therapeutic tools to help you.  

I spent my life in the wellness field and ended up in massage, teaching yoga and retrained into counselling in 2009. I added life coaching and career development in 2011. My continuing learning has been focused on mindfulness, compassion centered therapy, CBT, EFT, working with anxiety and the polyvagal stress response. However my biggest learning personally has been parenting, the challenges of Motherhood and finding my way back to myself. 

Christa McConachie

I studied western astrology with a teacher in 2005 and studied further in 2020 to do readings professionally. I love looking at people’s charts, doing readings and incorporating it with counselling. As Carl Jung used to use astrology in his counselling, I agree it is the perfect modality to delve deeper into the psyche and understand current challenges, timing and opportunities. It offers a roadmap unique to each person. I look at it as an honour to look at someone’s unique energies and help them co-create with the Universe their purpose.

Working in the healing field for many years, I understand that healing is a multilevel experience. The wise Shamans of the world know that the physical body will heal when the emotional body, mental body and energetic body are cleared and brought into balance. I look forward to supporting you in your wholistic healing journey.