December 14

December 2020 Solar Eclipse


We have a Solar eclipse and new moon this Dec. 14th, with the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius.

Hello Sag season! The archetype of Santa Claus is the perfect example of a Sag. Jolly and plump, full of faith, giving presents and being a source of fresh joy, hope and abundance. It is the time of letting the light from within shine to spark hope in the darkest days. We are all a bit worn these days from the intense focus of planets in Capricorn in 2020 bringing restrictions and challenges.

Sag. embraces joy and has a deeper spiritual knowing that we’re here for a short time so let’s live, love and be merry. Sag is the seeker and invites us to consider our beliefs, nurture our spiritual selves and be the ever learning sage to find greater meaning and purpose in our lives. Now is a good time to foster a daily spiritual practice. Something that connects you to your joy and nurtures your connection with Source. Something to keep you anchored through all the current and upcoming changes. Let yourself be self-expressed and find freedom just in being you.

A new moon solar eclipse heightens the current energies and has us complete cycles and start a new cycle. Where is Sagittarius in your birth chart? What is ready to be released? What have you been working on, meditating on and is long overdue to be transformed?

With the eclipse moving over the south node in Sag., the lower Sag tendencies are also being brought to our attention to transform. Do we find ourselves being stuck on one way/our way of thinking, the need to be right, getting stuck in our ego and imposing our opinions and beliefs on others? Or bluntly speaking our opinions where it isn’t kind or helpful? Sag is the explorer and loves freedom, it's hard to stay put. Do we find ourselves unable to 'stay put' even though we are instructed to currently?

We are urged to move into the north node Gemini way of being. Here where we embrace an open mind to learn things, see various perspectives, communicate and use technology to connect, be social and lighten up, be childlike and find some humour and fun. Yes please!!

Saturn and Jupiter both leave Capricorn and enter Aquarius this month, days apart, and they both align to the Great Conjunction on the winter solstice Dec 21st! This is a major shift and change of cycle. A new 800 year cycle! We are leaving the element of Earth to the element of Air. If you’ve felt heavy with all the Capricorn energy this year, you’re not the only one!

The focus has been in challenging and breaking down our old patriarchal systems. Saturn has had us feel restricted yet had nudged us to get serious and mature in an area of our personal lives and also challenging the collective. 

Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter have all been in Capricorn in 2020 challenging societal structures that are outdated. Breaking them down to make way for the new. Aquarius is the new. Having Saturn and Jupiter enter the beginning of Aquarius on Dec. 21st is a breath of fresh air we've all been waiting for! Though it is just the beginning. Saturn will also be squaring Uranus in Taurus next year, a major transit that is also about bringing change and revolution. There are jewels (life lessons, new understandings or learnings) to be gleamed from the intense life lessons from this year. As Saturn and Jupiter are at the end of Capricorn until Dec. 21, this is a maturing energy. It is time to reflect on what have we learned?

After Dec. 21st, our focus will start to shift from primarily building our security with our earthly possessions to how can we take care of each other in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. There will also be a greater focus on technology. Aquarius being the revolutionary, we should see some uprising for human rights and also some innovative solutions or upgrades to our societal structures. With a goal of everyone having what they need to thrive, we will also have to watch we don't become too disconnected from each other and our own emotions. This is an exciting time, though challenging, we are part of a time in history (her story or our story) of great changes. Change takes time and is often messy. Look to your North Star to guide you. 

Let us find new inspiration and work together to create a new Earth. Let us remember our light with, to shine on the darkest days for Love will en-lighten and lift us up. 


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