November 20

November 2020 Planetary Update


The Sun is in Scorpio and we had a new moon in Scorpio on Nov. 15th urging us to retreat and go within to feel the authenticity of our emotions and examine what feels right for us. Have you felt heavy, like hiding away, emotional or felt the intensity this month? Scorpio has us go deep and often uncovers things hidden in our psyche we need to be aware of. Now is the time meditate and rest in our soul space.

The Sun will move into Saggitarius Nov. 21st moving us from the intense emotional focus and wanting to introvert into a more light, fun, hopeful and playful energy. However, let's be aware we don’t get into self-righteous opinions, being stuck on being right or imposing our beliefs on others. Venus moves from Libra into Scorpio on the 21st, bringing af flavour of intensity still and having us seek emotional intimacy. On Nov. 30th the full moon will be in sociable, fun and light Gemini, having us consider important choices. What is nudging us into new territory and what is our old comfort zone? Whichever we choose, it's time to lighten up and find some humour and laughter in it all.

Mercury is currently in Scorpio, having us dive deep into our psyche. Mercury rules our thoughts. In Scorpio it can bring up deep emotions or fears, especially if we have planets in Scorpio in our own chart. It can bring up power dynamics in relationships or intensify our emotions in intimate relationships. It’s good to just notice this, listen to your energy as to what you need, such as rest and retreat. Know it will move when the time is right. Scorpio takes us into the underworld to come out transformed. The key is to allow yourself to go deep, feel the feelings, journal, reflect or practice self-care and then rise out of it with new awareness for yourself, transformed as Scorpio does.
Dec moves into more fire and air energy so the feeling of introversion, wanting to sleep, hide away or heaviness will shift. Rest up now! Everything has its time or season for a reason.

Mercury is also currently opposing Uranus in Taurus which is bringing possible sudden lasting changes to our lives wherever you have Taurus in your chart. Uranus wants to revolutionize, bring change and to break free from something. It can show up as a major change on the outside or internally in the area of life it is in your natal chart. With Mercury you may be thinking a lot about the changes you want to make. Being in Scorpio, careful not to obsess or project onto others. Taurus is a fixed earth sign and doesn’t really like change like Uranus does, so look for where you want to stay comfortable and where your being urged to find a higher expression of something in your life to welcome some overdue changes. For instance, if Taurus is ruling your house of home in your chart you may find you want to move, residents may change or you may want to reorganize so your home feels better and is more workable and harmonious.

Mars went direct in Aries on Nov 13th. He was retrograde and is spending extra time in Aries this year. In retrograde we were urged to rethink and reconsider our plans. We may have felt like things weren’t moving forward as fast as we wanted. We may start to feel like there’s some momentum beginning to happen now.
Mars will move out of Aries in Jan. having been in Aries for 6 months. Again, it depends if he’s crossing any planets in your chart. Watch yourself for anger outbursts, frustration and impatience. How are we dealing with our anger or frustrations? Are we finding ourselves lashing out at others or internalizing our anger as stress? Do we have an outlet for our male Aries energy? Mars in Aries needs a physical outlet and needs to create and take action. Take the time to workout, get outside or move your body to move any stress or build up of energy through you.

The third Pluto Jupiter conjunction of 2020 happened Nov. 12th aligning with the spike in Covid cases again. The other conjunctions were beginning of April and end of June.
Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter, commonly named the Covid planets by astrologers this year, have been in Capricorn revamping society. These outer planets in Capricorn are all about challenging the patriarchy and tearing down old societal structures that are based on greed, self-serving and imbalance. The old must fall away so we can create the new. We are being urged to shift from a very masculine driven society to a more feminine way of living. Softer, slower, intuitive, valuing each other, the planet and it’s creatures and understanding that more is in the creation rather than the end results. Are we listening to how we feel when we do things, honouring our intuitive guidance system? It's not about pushing through anymore, it's about living authentically and in balance for ourselves, each other and the planet.

We have a major shift coming soon with Saturn and Jupiter moving in Aquarius mid-December, in time for the Dec. 21st winter solstice. We will be urged to find new ways of living that serve humanity. Aquarius is the humanitarian, the futurist, revolutionary, bringing upheaval sometimes, tech savvy, genius insights, zany yet emotionally detached sign.

I’m looking forward to the new coming cycle, being a part of humanity writing a new story with Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius soon! How can we co-create a new his-story, her-story or we-story?!


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November 2020 Planetary Update

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