How I like to work

I like to work in a combination of modalities. A combination of right brain left brain, intuitive and practical ways.

I like to work in an intuitive way, working with your inner wisdom and deeper guidance. I believe your higher conscious, heart and inner wisdom have the answers your looking for.

Mind mapping, cognitive therapy, dreams, intuition, meditation, visualization are all techniques I use. Yes, I also like to look at your astrology chart.

I also like to put your insights into action, set goals and create a workable plan. I like to use assessments and look at what’s working and what’s not. I like to practically look at options and make increment changes as homework after each session.

An example of a Career discovery process:

Creating from Within – Transforming Internal Dialogue 

1. Assessment, Goals, Examining the Present and the Story (your who)
2. Personality tests, Astrology, Transforming the Present and the Story (your who)
3. Identifying Values, Clarifying Passion, Purpose, Vision (your why)
4. Identifying Skills and Skill Development, Career Interests, Researching (your what)
5. Intuitive Decision Making, Meditation, Brainstorm, Mind mapping (your what)

Expressing Out to the World – Transforming Your External Life 

6. Self Esteem, Confidence, Empowerment – Transforming Core Beliefs and Negative Thoughts (cognitive therapy)
7. Creating Opportunities, Strategy, Researching, Milestones, Mission, Exploring Resources, Info. Interviews, Embracing the Present, Living an Empowering Story, Communication skills, Stress Management, Relationship or Time Management Skills (your how)
8. 3 Month Implementation Plan, Career or Business Plan, Expanding your Comfort Zone, Maximizing Opportunities (your where, when, how – your all)
9. Gaining Momentum, Practicing, Being and Living your Dream (being and doing it)
10. Follow-Up:  Stay on Track, Evaluate, Celebrate, Next Steps (reflecting, assessing, revising, acknowledging)